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Surgery and Implantology

Surgery and Implantology
We offer a complete surgery and implantology service

Despite efforts to promote the prevention of dental problems, elaborate treatments are sometimes necessary to help our patients care for their oral health. Our team is trained to provide you with the best possible care using the latest technology.

Wisdom Teeth

Did you know that wisdom teeth erupt at the end of the adolescence? Some people keep their wisdom teeth all their lives, but sometimes they can cause problems. We perform wisdom tooth extraction when a tooth has problem erupting or insufficient space to do so. The best way to monitor the health of your wisdom teeth and prevent problems is to see us for a consultation.


Our team spares no effort to make sure that you keep your natural teeth. In some cases, we may need to perform a root canal treatment to avoid extracting a tooth or prevent an infection from spreading. This treatment consists of removing infected dental pulp from a tooth when it is damaged or when it has a deep cavity, a fracture or a fissure. At Symbiose, we use a mechanized technique to ensure faster, more effective treatment than the manual method.

Dental Implants

This technique is becoming increasingly popular, because people are more active and healthier than ever and live longer. What is the advantage of a dental implant? It replaces a natural tooth, allowing patients to eat and talk naturally. A dental implant is a biointegrated titanium screw-like post used to replace the root of a tooth. It can support a crown, a bridge or a dental prosthesis. Did you know that dental implants impart a natural look to your smile while helping to prevent bone loss? If you want to improve your quality of life and the aesthetics of your smile, contact us today for an assessment!

Crowns, Fixed Prostheses and Removable Prostheses on Implants

We offer a range of processes to replace one or more missing teeth, depending on the case. A dental implant can support a crown when a single tooth is lost. It can also be used to support a bridge or a complete or partial prosthesis (denture), whether fixed or removable. At SymbioseĀ  centre dentaire, we have the right solution to make sure that your dentures look natural and are fully comfortable.