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Dental care and prevention

Dental care and prevention
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Prevention is a major concern for the Symbiose centre dentaire team. But why is prevention so important? Because it is the foundation of ideal oral health and it can help you avoid complex and costly treatments.

Did you know that some dental problems have no apparent symptom? So the only way to detect them is to visit your dentist on a regular basis. Gum disease and mouth cancer are often pain-free. The earlier they are detected, the more effective treatment will be.

Proper dental hygiene is also essential to healthy teeth. Maintaining a bright smile involves much more than simply brushing your teeth and using dental floss on a day-to-day basis. Your dental health care team partners with you to keep your teeth healthy.

Tooth Decay

Did you know that tooth decay is the most common disease in the world? It develops slowly, but surely! Food sugar combines with bacteria found in the mouth to destroy the hard tissues of teeth. We monitor the appearance of cavities and treat them rapidly to avoid complications and procedures, such as dental abscesses and root canal treatments.


Symbiose centre dentaire is among the only clinics in the area to offer restoration in a single appointment. The CEREC technology is a very worthwhile option to quickly repair damaged teeth.


We recommend that young children have their first routine check-up at the dentist’s about six months after their first tooth comes through. Their first visit will be an opportunity for them to become familiar with the setting of a dental clinic and for us to make sure that their dental development is normal.

Examination and Cleaning

Our role is to help maintain your teeth in good health by examining them regularly in order to detect potential problems. Our team of hygienists work wonders to revive the glow of our patients’ smile! Thanks to cutting-edge technology and their remarkable know-how, they make dental plaque and tartar literally disappear.

Mouth Guards

Hockey players are not the only ones who should wear a mouth guard! An accident can happen quickly during team or recreational sports. We offer customized mouth guards to prevent tooth, gum, lip, tongue and jaw injuries and concussions. In fact, this kind of mouth guard is far more effective and comfortable than store-bought products.

Dental Sealant

This treatment is one of our most effective preventive measures. It is an excellent means to prevent the development of cavities on permanent premolars and molars. Why not take advantage of this fast, effective and pain-free treatment?

Bad Breath

This embarrassing problem can also be the symptom of a health problem. Halitosis, or bad breath can be caused by poor oral hygiene, a cavity, a dental abscess, gum disease or another type of disease like diabetes. Feel free to discuss this problem during your next routine check-up. We will be pleased to help you feel better about your oral health.