CariVu | Symbiose Centre dentaire

Our technology


The ultimate tool to detect tooth decay!

At Symbiose centre dentaire, we rely on the latest technology to prevent dental problems. One of the tools that we use on a regular basis is the CariVu device. With this high-precision tool featuring a transillumination technique, we can visualize cavities, fissures and infiltrations invisible to the human eye. This pen-like device is practical: it is lightweight, and easy to use and handle. This technology complements X-rays to diagnose cavities between teeth.

The benefits of CariVu

Our Symbiose team uses CariVu to accurately diagnose most cavities located above the gumline. A camera captures and records images of a tooth illuminated under infrared light, allowing tooth lesions to be seen clearly with the CariVu software. This accurate, pain-free tool is appreciated by both our patients and staff!

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