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About us

Our vision

Our role within the community

Our responsibility towards our patients is quite simple, yet paramount to us. We want them to feel at home at Symbiose Centre dentaire. At our clinic, people are greeted warmly and given all the attention they deserve.

Our clientele even includes patients from across the entire province and elsewhere. Why? They come for our expertise, but above all, for our friendly, personalized service.

Our team

Our team is renowned for offering exceptional service, because we listen to our patients and are attentive to their every need. But what really sets our clinic apart? The friendly and thorough dental care and treatments provided to our patients by each of our professionals.We are proud to acknowledge the significant work of the dental hygienists at our clinic. Prevention and oral health are central to our practice. Owing to their relentless attention and dedication, our clinic’s patients benefit from optimal dental care! We would also like to highlight the essential support of our dental assistants, administrative assistants and clerical staff. All these individuals are vital to Symbiose Centre dentaire; without them, the clinic would not be the same! But what would our clinic be without its dentists? Meet our dedicated professionals!

Dr. Sylvain Giasson

Symbiose owes its warm, family atmosphere and success to Dr. Giasson’s commitment. After completing studies in industrial design, he discovered his true passion: dental medicine. Diploma in hand and backed by experience at a former dental clinic, he founded Clinique dentaire familiale Saint-Lazare in 1996. What is the key to the clinic’s success? With characteristic enthusiasm, Dr. Giasson shares his passion for dentistry with his patients and the outstanding team that he brought together to support his work.

Dr. Sylvain Giasson

Our story

Our practice is built on our growth

The Saint-Lazare clinic recently felt the need to convey more clearly our vision of a dental clinic attuned to its clientele. This vision naturally led our dental clinic to become Symbiose centre dentaire and rethink our image. The harmony in which our team readily works to provide high-quality dental care to patients in a warm, inviting setting is what inspired this change.

Welcome to Symbiose centre dentaire!