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Our technology


A crown on the spot!

Did you know that a CEREC© restoration treatment is performed every 20 seconds in the world and that dentists have restored over 6 million crowns in 20 years using this treatment! No wonder this technology is so popular.

The benefits of CEREC

Your smile should leave an unforgettable first impression. Make sure that it is perfect with a CEREC© crown. The materials used for this technology are significantly similar to those of a natural tooth. The advantages of this type of restoration are many: it consolidates seriously damaged teeth and extends their durability. The wear of a CEREC© restoration is comparable to that of a natural tooth, which prevents premature wear of the neighbouring teeth.

No longer do patients need several appointments to be fitted with temporary crowns while their permanent crowns are being custom made at an external laboratory. With the CEREC© technology, we restore teeth on site during a single appointment! We remove the worn restoration and take an impression of your tooth using a camera. The restoration is crafted at the clinic before it is placed in your mouth. This technology helps you preserve your natural teeth as long as possible.

Everyone can now have healthy teeth. Contact us for more information on the CEREC© technology.