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Laser surgery: less invasive, faster healing

Among the technological innovations that we use at Symbiose, laser is our technology of choice. Why? With this method, we can perform a host of practically pain-free treatments! There are actually several advantages to using laser for surgical, aesthetic, endodontic, periodontic and implantology procedures.

The benefits of laser

Highly versatile, laser is used to perform some high-precision procedures. This technique is also gentler and more effective than conventional methods. Since laser means less trauma to soft tissues, healing is faster and there is less postoperative discomfort.

For instance, laser is used to treat gum problems, reshape soft tissues and eliminate tumours. Among the many benefits of laser, less bleeding, pain and discomfort and fewer postoperative infections have been reported. Other undeniable benefits include faster tissue healing and less need for anaesthesia.

Everyone can benefit from laser dentistry. If you have any questions about this technology, please contact a member of our team.